Office Hours

Let's build the future of podcasting together.

About the show

A podcast for the community of Jupiter Broadcasting, the Open Source media powerhouse of the Internet. Get the inside scope on our projects, the future of independent media, and decentralized community.

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  • 36: Alby's Home for the Holidays

    December 13th, 2023  |  1 hr 9 mins
    ai, annual re-certification, auddia, automatic downloads, baller boosts, boost numbers, boostcli, boosts, castamatic, chrislas, commercial-free podcasting, crypto ecosystem, episode transcripts, fountain, iab, ios 17, ipfs podcasting, jupiter broadcasting, lightning network, nixos, nlp, office hours, podcast copyright enforcement, podcast directories, podcast downloads, podcasting 2.0, podverse, river report, rss feeds, sats, v4v snapshot, value for value

    A special edition of Office Hours explains why some Podcasters are seeing a 20% drop in downloads. Plus, Moritz from Alby joins us for a chat.

  • 35: No Payne No Gain

    October 3rd, 2023  |  1 hr 6 mins
    ad controls, baller boosts, boosts, bounty, chrislas, co-listen feature, google podcasts, jupiter broadcasting, jupiter broadcasting meetup, jupiter station live podcasting 2.0 feed, lfnw changes, linuxfest northwest, office hours, podcast mirror, podcast replication, podcasting 2.0 features, podcasting 2.0 standards, podcasting news, podfans, revenue, roll your feed, sam sethi, super listeners, top listener leader-board,, v4v gamification ideas, youtube music

    Wes visits the office to chat about some new podcast tech inbound, Google killing their Podcast app, and Chris' story from his morning with Podfans.

  • Pocket Office 3: We'll do it LIVE!

    September 13th, 2023  |  8 mins 17 secs
    chrislas, classic episodes, improvement proposal, jupiter broadcasting, jupiter station, lit, live feed, live status, metadata, office hours, podcasting 2.0, push notification, value block, weekly live streams

    We're testing a new Podcasting 2.0 feature and need your ears!

  • 34: Podcast Bounty Hunters

    August 25th, 2023  |  1 hr 5 mins
    android auto bounty, behind the sch3m3s, boostagram ball, chrislas, cloud chapters, ipfs podcasting, jupiter broadcasting, jupiter broadcasting meetups, jupiter signal, office hours, podcasting 2.0, podcasting 2.0 apps, podcasting news, podverse, search integration, self-hosted llm search, transcripts, transcripts integration, v4v music, value time split

    Behind-the-scenes details of a new show in the works, our thoughts on a new genre of Podcasts bursting onto the scene, and we make JB history live on the show.

  • Pocket Office 2: We Broke Things Again

    August 16th, 2023  |  15 mins 38 secs
    ai chapters, chancem's potential fix, chrislas, ipfs downloads, ipfs node crashing, ipfs switch, jupiter broadcasting, new rss feed redirect issue, office hours, office hours 2.0, rss feed redirect challenge, v4v, value 4 value, value for value, whisper-powered transcripts

    Chris and Brent are running with scissors and breaking things again.

  • Pocket Office 1: Bounty Reached

    August 4th, 2023  |  13 mins
    bounty reached, chris fisher, chrislas, cloud chapters, computers, corn fields, digital, effort, entire feed hosting, episode 34, episode hosting on ipfs, episode removal from ipfs, feed favoriting, feed favoriting by nodes, feed submission, fireside, first year, garden, gardening, growing corn field, hosting platform, humbling experience, ipfs enabled feed, ipfs gateway, ipfs network, ipfs podcast prefix, ipfs podcasting, ipfs stats, jupiter broadcasting, learning, mistakes, office hours, office hours bounty, pacific northwest, pocket office 1, podcast clients, podcasting 2.0 features, re-tooling publishing backend, tech inbound, transcripts, v4v to ipfs podcasting, volunteer bandwidth, volunteer ipfs nodes, volunteer storage

    A quick Pocket Office from "the field" on the new tech inbound to Office Hours and a big update on our bounty for episode 34!

  • 33: Just Burn it all Down

    July 21st, 2023  |  1 hr 3 mins
    bacon and linux, bc wildfire service, boosts, brent's house, chrislas, coffee, dynamic ads, jupiter broadcasting, nostr, office hours, paying creators, podcasting, st. mary's river, twitter, what bitcoin did with matt odell

    Why independent media is getting just as bad as mainstream media, and Brent's escape from a wildfire.

    Plus, an update on our new bounty release format!

  • 32: Things are Changing

    July 7th, 2023  |  50 mins 27 secs
    acast study, adopting bitcoin 2023, advertisecast, berlin with brent, boost bounty, chrislas, dynamic ads, jupiter broadcasting, meetup in berlin, office hours, podcast ai, pure value for value,, selects libsyn, what are podcasting 2.0 transcripts

    We've got a radically new format idea for Office Hours and want to tell you all about it.

  • 31: Pod Flopping

    June 23rd, 2023  |  26 mins 42 secs
    chrislas, data rescue, disaster, home server disaster, jupiter broadcasting, node, office hours, restore, sats, travel stories, water spill, wedding

    We share some recent adventures, and the tale of how water got dumped into Chris' new home server.

  • 30: Zuck Dub Time Machine

    May 26th, 2023  |  1 hr 2 mins
    ad platforms, advertising, ai versions, ai-assisted editing, ai-generated audio translations, ai-only personalities, android, approval, boosts, castamatic, chrislas, count, dave jones, deepfakes, fountain, future, hosts ad reads, human-verified hosts, joe rogan, jupiter broadcasting, levi 2.0, linode, listeners, meta-network, monetize podcast castamatic, narrative machine, oak, office hours, pay what you want, personal data, podcast, podcast clones, podverse, remote, remote innovation, sign-in account, splits, spotify, unlimited monitor space, value 4 value, video content creation, virtual studio, zuck time machine

    We travel 10 years into the future and report back on how podcasts and Jupiter Broadcasting are doing after all those years.

  • 29: Let's Play Doctor

    May 12th, 2023  |  1 hr 8 mins
    beer is tasty, bsd now, castablasta, choose linux, chrislas, computer action show, culture, fauxshow, friday, gaming, howto linux, in depth look, jb independence, joint failures, jupiter broadcasting, jupiter@nite, legend of the stoned owl, linux, linux action show, merger, mmorgue, office hours, plan b, rover log, scibyte, science, stoked, tech, tech talk today, techsnap, torked, user error, women’s tech radio, work life rv

    We look back at some classic JB shows and chat about why they ended.

  • 28: Everyone Had a Podcast

    April 28th, 2023  |  37 mins 51 secs
    2023, ad sales, alby wallets, boost cli tutorial, boost-back, chrislas, el salvador, hobby pods, hybrid, jupiter broadcasting, low-flying military jet, new podcast creation, office hours, pc20 spec, peertube seeding, podcast winter, podcasting 2.0, podverse, puget sound, saturation of the market, sponsor-funded, sponsorships, top gun, value 4 value, whidbey island

    Have you noticed there is a podcast for everything? That's all about to change. Our thoughts on why the podcast market is going bust this year.

  • 27: It's About to Get Real

    April 14th, 2023  |  46 mins 25 secs
    ai generated podcasts, alby wallets for web developers, america+, boosties, chrislas, cole mccormick, digital well being, hacker news recap, jupiter broadcasting, jupiter broadcasting and v4v next steps, office hours, robob review, satslinge, seedpeer logo idea, the boosties, value for value webinar, wondercraft ai

    A change is in the air.

  • 26: Berlin Hangover

    March 31st, 2023  |  59 mins 6 secs
    android developer, cgbassplayer, chrislas, episode pages, foss projects, full page screenshots, group chat, jb berlin meetup, jupiter broadcasting, local devs, microsoft playwright-pytest, nextcloud hackathon, office hours, onboarding, podverse, ryan, tags, tests, value for value, website update

    Brent shares some rip-roaring tales from Berlin, and we introduce the new contributor who can publish to production.

  • 25: Dipstick Consoeur

    March 17th, 2023  |  1 hr 2 mins
    android developer, boosts, car repair, chrislas, firefox, gti, headless seeding, jb garage, jupiter broadcasting, learning, linode, office hours, overfilling oil, p0302 code, peertube seeder, podcast sponsors, podcasting, podverse, python, sats, selenium, value for value, webtorrent

    Disaster strikes the studio, and Chris jumps into action while Brent battles the packet wars of 1996.

  • 24: 🦒

    March 3rd, 2023  |  1 hr 5 secs
    boosters, boosts, brake change, chrislas, income, jb sprint, jupiter broadcasting, memberships, monero, mount vernon taproom, office hours, oil change, otter, pinepower, podcasting news, podcasts, sponsors, v2v, website update, 🦒

    The crew takes on a new challenge this week. How hard could it be? Very. Plus, the major open source issue we've zeroed in on.