Episode 21

Boiling the Frog


January 20th, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 5 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

If you've noticed something a little off about your favorite podcasts, we might know why.

Plus some big Podcasting 2.0 endorsements and adoption.

Episode Links

  • 2022: The Year That Podcasting Died — Firstly, I am no longer having any conversations with clients that do not involve video in the discussion.
  • The Great Podcasting Market Correction - Bloomberg — This past year, podcasting finally achieved one of the ultimate signifiers of middle age — an unsettling realization that the best days of its high-spirited youth may now be behind it.
  • Spotify enhances chapter support for podcasters — Spotify appears to have enhanced chapter support within the Spotify podcasts app. Nic Ivanov, founder of Vizzy, notes that there’s a new Chapters section in an episode page, and chapter marks and titles within a new player which is rolling out to both iOS (above) and Android. However, Spotify isn’t supporting either ID3 embedded chapters, nor chapters via the new podcast namespace
  • Podcasting 2.0 Introduction - Blubrry Podcasting — We are in a unique position in that 85,000 independent podcasts use our PowerPress plugin, and tens of thousands of shows use our internal publisher. We can, as one company, enable more than 100,000 shows to implement these new features.
  • Podcast Addict: "A new Beta has just been published — A new Beta has just been published with support for Podcasting 2.0 LIVE feature. Hopefully, it should be available on the Play Store before tomorrow's LIVE recording of the Podcasting 2.0 podcast. Feel free to provide feedback if you able to test it
  • Support creators with boostagrams and streaming sats using Podverse and Alby — Podverse is a Podcasting 2.0 app that integrates with Alby for sending boostagrams and streaming sats to podcasters. All Podverse software is provided under a free and open source license.
  • Mitch Downey on Masto — We created an onboarding guide for sending boostagrams and streaming sats with @podverse + Alby.
  • Alby — Lightning for your Browser! — Alby brings Boosts to the web. Grab Alby, then head over to the Podcast Index to Boost from your browser!
  • Office Hours on Podcastindex.org — Boost from the Podcast Index page, a quick and easy way to get your message and support into the show.