Episode 4

Finding Our Squeaky Wheels


May 13th, 2022

1 hr 7 mins 39 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

We've made some essential decisions for our big projects, what really has us excited about Podcasting 2.0, and the real problem with Boosts.

Plus Chris figured out one of Brent's secret flaws!

Episode Links

  • Fountain 0.3.16 — You can now add another Fountain user as a split for your show or any episode. This is a really valuable feature if you have co-hosts, guests or a larger team working on your podcast that you want to distribute your income to.
  • Fountain on Twitter — Give @LynAldenContact a warm welcome to Podcasting 2.0! When you listen to Lyn's interview with @kerooke , a share of the sats you stream or Boost go to her Fountain wallet.
  • nout on Twitter — So I sent 10k sats from my @MuunWallet to @fountain_app (1 sat fee), I started listening to a podcast by @kerooke chatting with @LynAldenContact and I sent them a @PodcastindexOrg 2.0 boost, which got split evenly between Kevin and Lyn, while couple sats went to the tools!
  • FOUNTAIN: Podcasting 2.0 With Bitcoin - YouTube
  • Try the Fountain.FM Podcast App — Find Chris on Fountain, he is @ChrisLAS on there.
  • @chrislas - Fountain — Chris' clips he has shared on Fountain.
  • Podcast Index Case Study — Established in September of 2020, The Podcast Index is an alternative podcast directory that offers open, free access to creators, listeners, and podcast app developers. The inspiration of the brand is to be an alternative podcast directory to Apple, which is centralized and is monopolizing podcast distribution.
  • An Introduction to Podcasting 2.0 — Podcasting 2.0 is an umbrella term that covers a collection of initiatives to advance podcasting technology and to decentralize podcasting, taking control of the medium out of the hands of large technology companies.
  • Jupiter Broadcasting GitHub
  • Podcasting 2.0 Podcast — The Podcast Index presents Podcasting 2.0 - Upgrading Podcasting
  • Mastering the Lightning Network (LN) — The book describes the Lightning Network (LN), a Peer-to-Peer protocol running on top of Bitcoin and other blockchains, which provides near-instant, secure, micro-payments.
  • Non-Technical: Lightning Network Explained - YouTube — For the non-technical, what is the Lightning Network? How does it function? In this video Andreas walks through what's happening on the Lightning Network, all in a non-technical fashion. From funding transactions, to channels, routing, fees, security and trustlessness, this clip will give you a good overview of what's happening!
  • Bitcoin Lightning Network: How to Send and Receive Payments - YouTube — In this video, I discuss how to send and receive payments using the Lightning Network.